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A city surrounded by breathtaking nature

This city in the state of Oregon is a mixture of amazing nature, culture and charming neighbourhoods. Book a flight to Portland and lose yourself in the gigantic Powell’s City of Books bookshop and grab lunch at one of the dozens of street food carts. You’ll find breathtaking nature on the outskirts of the city in the Columbia River Gorge, which has impressive waterfalls and excellent opportunities for outdoor sports.

A city surrounded by green space

When you arrive in Portland by air, you’ll immediately be struck by how the city is surrounded by seemingly endless greenery. You’ll also see the snow-capped Mount Hood in the distance. Portland is home to endless parks, forests and rivers. Go hiking in Forest Park or cycle by the Willamette River. Afterwards, it’s nice to check out one of Portland’s many microbreweries that are all over the city. A burger with a locally-brewed beer is simply divine! The burger will most likely be organic, as the locals are as green as their surroundings. Portland is the ideal destination for a city trip or as the starting point for a tour of the United States. Treat yourself: book a flight to Portland now!

Book a flight to Portland

Victorian houses and trendy warehouses

The industrial Pearl District is one of Portland’s trendiest neighbourhoods. Unusual boutiques, designer shops and cosy bistros have opened in the former warehouses and factory buildings. The charming Nob Hill neighbourhood is also worth a visit to see the streets lined with delightful Victorian houses. And while you’re there, the weekly farmers market is also a place to go.

Flights to Portland for a unique holiday

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